U&lc Volume Ten is available



Allan Haley, at the Fonts.com blog:

While I had been writing for U&lc for some time, the first article that carried my byline also showed up in Volume Ten. It was about Morris Fuller Benton, and was the first of many biographical sketches in the “Typographic Milestones” series. There is a backstory here too. Maybe I’ll write about it in a future post.

And while we wait for that story, we can download Volume 10 of U&lc, available as always in both high and low resolution PDF files. If you’re into typography or just love everything about typefaces, you can’t miss these volumes which are being made available in electronic form by the great guys at Fonts.com. (Consider this: the PDF files are searchable, they’re not just a collection of scanned pages from the magazine). Here you can find all the U&lc related posts.

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