Stainless 0.8 released


After a year-long hiatus, and when I was starting to accept the idea that all development was ceased, Mesa Dynamics has released version 0.8 of its multi-process browser for Mac OS X, Stainless. According to the Release Notes, here’s what’s changed from version 0.7.5:

• new: Lion compatibility
• new: 64-bit build
• added: ability to stop downloads in progress
• added: tab from autocomplete row selects URL for editing
• added: 3 finger swipe gesture left/right for back/forward (use with option key under Lion)
• optimized: faster multi-process manager
• fixed: backward and forward menus may fail for dynamic pages
• fixed: failed partial downloads aren’t cleaned up

I’m so glad Stainless is still under development. I’ve liked it from the start for its minimal interface, its original bookmark management and above all for being a fast, lightweight application (less than 2 megabytes!). If you never heard about it, go download it and take it for a (Web) ride… It’s Universal Binary (for both PowerPC and Intel Macs) and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

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  1. downloading && installing it right now …
    (on the Lion’s powered MacPro I’m testing these days).


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