Six reasons to kill the DVD? Really?


Perhaps optical media are indeed on their way out, and Apple appears to be of this opinion judging by the recent hardware updates, but articles like this Die, discs, die! Six reasons to kill the DVD are far from being convincing. If I link to it, it’s because it is one of the rare cases in which most of the comments are actually more intelligent than the article itself. Some of the ‘reasons’ the author mentions are so tied to his personal views and experience that the whole piece could easily be summarised like this: I hate DVDs and I hope they disappear soon! Nyah, nyah, nyah!

I’m a bit disappointed that Macworld reprints such poor quality material.

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  1. True movie buffs would really miss DVDs and Blu-rays. I know I would.

    What’s more, the current situation of online movie services is laughable (at least to me). iTunes is great to have, but when you compare a movie sold thru that service with a DVD or Blu-ray similarly priced, the physical media wins big time: multiple audio languages and subtitles, additional content (there are some terrific audio commentary tracks out there).

    What are the best online movies you can get, in terms of features? Pirated movies ripped from physical media: multiple languages (audio and subtitles), reasonably good quality, no DRM, playable on many different devices and on every single computer powerful enough and with free software.

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