My Secret Hideout


For a moment you thought maybe that I was about to post some photos picturing my secret hideout, eh? Well, then it wouldn’t be secret. No, My Secret Hideout is the latest project from Interactive Fiction guru Andrew Plotkin.

I’m biased, because a) I deeply enjoy Interactive Fiction, and b) Andrew Plotkin is the author of my favourite IF games, but you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Interactive Fiction to enjoy My Secret Hideout. If you have imagination, if you love disconnecting a bit every now and then to lose yourself in daydreaming and places that calm you and inspire you, I think you don’t want to miss this interactive experience.

Plotkin writes:

My Secret Hideout is not a game. It is an interactive toy… or rather poem… or artwork… It’s an interactive textual art generator set in a treehouse. Play around with it!

Drag leaves down and attach them to the tree. Every time you add a leaf, the description of the treehouse grows and changes. The changes are random… aren’t they?

My Secret Hideout has no goal, no score, no trophies. Explore it, or play with it, until you find a result you like. Will your treehouse be simple or complex? Can you guide it? What will you discover inside?

$2.99 on the App Store.

(I still don’t own an iPad, but just as I did with iA Writer, I’ve purchased My Secret Hideout anyway, to show my appreciation and support towards the developer).

Update: Now My Secret Hideout is also available for iPhone. Lovely.

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  1. Andrew Plotkin says

    Let me note that I’ve just released an update — MSH now runs on iPhone/iPod touch as well as iPad.

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