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Source: ASCII by Jason Scott / The Floodwaters Rise

If you were delighted by my previous linked entry about a few computer magazines from the 8-bit era being available to peruse online or download, thanks to Jason Scott and the Internet Archive, well, there’s more.

Jason writes:

As of this writing, I have put up the following magazines and newsletters.

Computer Magazines

Computer Newsletters

This is over 2,500 issues of magazines. It’s a little harder to calculate page counts, but I believe we’re somewhere in the order of a quarter million (250,000 pages) uploaded in the last seven days. When I’m productive, I’m productive.

Let’s get things clear – I am not the person who scanned these magazines, not the person who collected them (in a few cases, I’ve been sent copies of magazines from this list or which should be on this list, but I didn’t scan them). I’m just someone who has gone out and gathered these from a huge amount of sites that have one or two magazines, or huge piles of newsletters and magazines, and I’m purely a middleman. A very, very active middleman.

Don’t miss the rest of the entry on Jason’s weblog, where he talks a bit about the process of uploading such an immense quantity of stuff to make it available online. I really wish I had more time to browse all this material. It’s a very dear part of my personal history, the root of my interest in computers since I was 10 years old.

Thanks, Jason.

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