Small adjustments


These past days have been hectic, and I couldn’t update this website and associated blogs as often as I wanted. Regrettably, I’m still far from being able to sustain myself through this space only, so every time a surge in my translation work comes up, I struggle. During this last semi-hiatus, I also noticed two things:

  1. That I’ve been neglecting The Quillink annotated, the tumblelog I (should) use to reblog other people’s interesting stuff and post the occasional photo or quote.
  2. That sometimes I read articles or other people’s commentary to which I’d like to reply, without having to write a longish article in response. One small drawback of the layout of this website is that very short articles don’t look really good in the single-post page view. Plus, I don’t want to clutter the Linked section with that kind of quick responses.

So I thought: issue #1 and issue #2 can effectively solve each other. I could use The Quillink annotated also as an apparatus criticus, posting there those brief responses I don’t really have a place for in my main website. Therefore, if you’re interested, start checking The Quillink annotated more often in the following days, as you may notice a little more activity there as well.

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