Steven Frank’s Notes


In a recent entry on his revived blog, Steven Frank explains:

Speaking of notes, there has always been a subset of my notes that I’ve wanted to share with the public — those little techie one-liners that take hours to figure out or find on the web. The ones where I’ve had to look up the same thing over and over so many times, I finally said to myself, “I should really write this down somewhere.”

And here they are: Steven Frank: Notes. I still haven’t gone through all of them, but I found a few to be really useful, and I’m sure that if you bookmark Steven’s page, it’ll save you some searches on Web engines. I like the simplicity and effectiveness of the approach — it looks like navigating someone’s Pinboard public bookmarks. I don’t know if someone has already thought about implementing a Pinboard-like note-sharing website, but that’s what I’d do if I had the tech knowledge and skills.

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