How to disable software extensions causing other apps to crash


Source: Thomas Tempelmann | How To Identify and Disable software extensions on OS X that cause other Apps to crash

Thomas Tempelmann:

Sometimes, people contact me because software of mine, such as Find Any File, crashes mysteriously at launch.

Often it turns out that this is caused by an incompatibility or bug in some other software that tries to enhance general Mac OS X functionality.

The difficulty is to figure out which software is the culprit, in order to disable it and/or notify its maker and ask to get this resolved.

Sometimes, one can get a hint by looking at the detailed Crash Report one can find when opening the “Console” app. It will contain a long list of “Binary Images”, listing which software components are loaded along with the app that crashes. Many of those components are so-called Frameworks and “libs” provided by Apple as part of OS X — they’re usually not the culprit. Then, there are other parts, installed by other apps or even installed explicitly by you for a particular purpose.

However, analysing these reports is difficult and may not lead to success, either. Instead, I’ll try to give you some pointers that are often helping and do not require to understand the Crash Report contents.

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