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22 Mar, 2012

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My friend David Tucker once again pointed me to something really inspiring and well executed. According to its colophon, Reformat is ‘An exploration of the crossing between print and web, expressed as a responsive magazine’. At the beginning of the essay titled Dissection, Kim Andre Ottesen, the creator of the magazine, also adds:

Reformat is built on the idea of exploring the crossing between print and web design – expressed as a responsive magazine. The content centers around those who use design, and not technology, to push the web forward.


The magazine is built on a solid foundation, with a flexible grid based on a modified version of 1140px grid combined with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to ensure responsiveness across various media. But mostly it is built on a clear idea of how to explore the subject of responsive design, as well as highlighting the differences and similarities between print and web. The technology is there, it is the concept and research around the subject that makes it interesting.

I love everything about Reformat, starting from the typeface of choice: it’s Aperçu, from Colophon Foundry. While you’re there, check their other typefaces as well, you won’t regret it.

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