Richard Weston photographs his Penguin & Pelican paperbacks


Penguins and Pelicans

Richard Weston wrote:

Much to the delight of the rest of my family, I got ALL of my Penguin and Pelican paperbacks out last week. Took a few photos but also updated my Flickr sets with design credits for Main Series, Crime, Education, Specials and Pelicans.

I’ve been following Richard Weston’s Ace Jet 170 weblog for a while, but I must have missed this entry last month. If you love book design, you have to take a look at his Penguin Books Flickr collection. It’s hard to pick a favourite set in all that gorgeousness, but I really love the covers of the New Penguin Shakespeare series.

And if you haven’t added Weston’s site to your RSS feeds yet, now would be a good time to do so.

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