The security blanket blues


Cameron Kaiser — among other things, developer of Classilla and TenFourFox — has written The security blanket blues, a thorough, utterly enjoyable entry on his TenFourFox Development blog about the current state of security for PowerPC Macs. If, like me, you still use PowerPC Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, you should read this and follow his expert advice. This is bookmark-worthy.

We need to be realistic and realize our dear Power Macs are not absolutely invulnerable, but we can make them practically so. While I respect those who run Linux on their Macs, for me I need Classic compatibility and the ability to run the apps I’ve paid good money for over the years (part of what also keeps me from switching to Intel, besides my general bigotry against x86 ISA), and there is no substitute for 10.4 or to a lesser extent 10.5. I run my Macs behind a hardware firewall and I practice what I preach in software. If we’re judicious, careful and methodical, we can be nearly as functional as anyone else on the hardware we paid good money for and faithfully maintain.

Amen to that.

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