Briefly — a little experiment


I have been writing online since 2001, and had a proper tech-oriented blog since 2005. I’ve never liked inflating my blog with a bunch of ‘linked list’-style posts, or one-line-commentary contributions like other people do, presumably to keep their audience interested. I think that Twitter is a better place for such quips. But that’s me. This website, as you can see, is not even designed to handle really brief posts very well. A piece consisting of just a link to another article plus one or two lines of commentary would simply be overwhelmed by these sidebars, header and footer, etc.

However I also noticed that sometimes I’d like to write a few short observations, especially in reaction to some article I’ve read over breakfast, or providing a brief commentary to a particular topic du jour, without necessarily having to write an essay about it. It’s true, I could use my Quillink annotated tumblelog for that, like I did in the past, but I’d like to try to keep as many things as possible in my main website.

So I’m inaugurating a new category of posts here, called Briefly, to serve such purpose. As the title says, it’s a little experiment, so nothing’s written in stone. Let’s see where this goes, and if it goes nowhere I’ll just get rid of it.

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