The db60 Bluetooth speaker


Db60 speaker

If you’re looking for a nice, greatly designed audio product, you may want to back the db60 Bluetooth speaker on Kickstarter, a beautiful and functional speaker created by DNgroup.

From the Kickstarter project page:

The db60 is a wall mounted, mains powered Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone or music player, allowing you to play music wirelessly. Designed for great user experience, REAL Plug n’ Play with a NO BUTTON design, optimal sound performance and great aesthetics. […]

What makes db60 different?

The speaker is wall mounted and mains powered — no more running out of battery. It offers a neat resting place for your phone/device while playing — protected from children’s reach. It can recharge your phone/device — so no more running out of battery there either. NO BUTTON design — Auto standby / auto wake — everything is controlled from your device. We designed the speaker with a beautiful minimalistic touch — which we believe fits nicely with many different decors.

Compared to other Bluetooth speakers, the db60 features a generous, high-quality audio output. It is powered by a 4-inch coaxial driver, with a 1-inch ventilated port. And with 20 Watt RMS and 40 Watt peak, the sound produced by the db60 can easily fill large rooms.

Apart from its timeless design and the genius idea of the wing/shelf, I also love the fact that it supports non-Bluetooth devices thanks to its Aux-In connector, and included in the package you’ll find a nice coiled Aux cable if you want to connect your old portable CD player, Walkman, pocket radio, etc.

If you’re planning to get a Bluetooth speaker for your home, I think you should consider backing the db60. The Kickstarter project page is very detailed and you’ll find all the information you need there. From what I’ve seen, this product will undergo a serious, high-quality manufacturing process, so I believe it won’t disappoint. At the time of writing, £11,593 have been pledged of the intended £98,300 goal, and there are still 33 days to go. This is a project that deserves to be successful.

(Full disclosure: my endorsement is completely disinterested — I have not been previously contacted by the manufacturer, nor have I been promised anything by writing this. I saw the speaker mentioned in an article while browsing my Flipboard and I simply decided to spread the word.)

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