Four great illustrators


Sometimes the level of self-absorption I perceive when reading stuff around the Web really puts me off. I’ve always done my best to celebrate other people’s great work on my website, but I feel it’s been a while since I shared my findings. I recently wrote about how I think we should engage more often in the practice of recommending people who are worth following. I was speaking about tech writers in particular, but why stop there, really?

I’ve recently stumbled on the work of four illustrators, and I just love their style unconditionally. Go visit their websites and take a look at their portfolios; support their work if you like it. I’ll just tease you with one illustration for each artist, their name and some links to their sites and where you can find more of them. Enjoy.

Jess Douglas

Rock Point Inn by Jess Douglas

Jess is from the UK. I really, really love her urban sketches. She writes: Everything I discover around me has potential; urban detritus, peeling paint, vintage sign-writing and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring.

Her website: Jess Douglas Illustration.


Marcin Wolski

Sidetrack by Marcin Wolski

Marcin is from Poland. He draws, paints and does graphic and Web design. My favourites are his paintings and watercolours.

His website: Marcin Wolski Portfolio. Other links: Marcin on deviantartMarcin on Behance.


Chloé Yingst

The Fox and the Grapes by Chloe Yingst

Chloé is from the US. From her About page: She has a great appreciation for the art of storytelling. She strives to produce beautifully detailed images that encourage close examination — and I can’t but agree.

Some links: Her website, chloedraws.comChloé on InstagramChloé on DribbbleChloé on Pinterest.


Giordano Poloni

Painted Ladies by Giordano Poloni

Giordano is from Italy. As with Jess Douglas, his urban illustrations are what stands out for me. There’s something about them that reminds me of one of my absolute favourite painters — Edward Hopper.

His website: Giordano Poloni Illustrator. He is also on Behance.

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