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IBM Selectric Typewriter 1961

1. Good Design Is Good Business — This wonderful tumblelog is a personal project of Sue Murphy, Irish art director based in New York City at Ogilvy for IBM. As Sue explains, “I created this little spot where I’m saving some beautiful IBM work. It’s all absolutely copyright IBM. A lot you’ll see will be by Ogilvy since that’s what I see the most often in my day-to-day, but you’ll also come across stuff from the likes of designers such as Paul Rand, to Carl DeTorres, Office… the list goes on.” Also, don’t miss her site. I really love her portfolio.


Free Faces - Simon Foster

2. Free Faces is a beautiful site by Simon Foster dedicated to showcase, and link to, free fonts that are already available on the Web. I absolutely love how Simon chooses to display the various typefaces. On the home page, they look like a single piece of modern art. When you click on one of the tiles, you’re brought to a brief description of the typeface, along with (usually) just a single, big glyph (see figure). This æsthetic reminds me of some illustrated encyclopædias I used to peruse when I was little. Keep up the good work, Simon!


3. Typewolf — I found Simon Foster’s website thanks to this website. Typewolf is a great resource because it manages to make you discover great sites and great typefaces at the same time. By providing real examples of fonts in use, Typewolf indirectly helps you to understand how two (or more) of them can work together. Don’t miss their posts on Font Recommendations at the bottom.


4. Getwired.com — Maybe you already know about this blog. I didn’t, and it was a great discovery. Hat tip to Kontra, who linked to this post on Twitter the other day. The blog doesn’t give information about its author, but it’s definitely someone who knows their stuff when it comes to technology. Insightful, informative, well written. Added to my RSS feeds without hesitation.


5. Our Incredible Journey — What is an incredible journey? Phil Gyford explains. Added to the tumblelogs I follow, because why not.

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