Uiee: a wearable charger



I didn’t know about this accessory. The other day I received an email from the manufacturer through their marketing agency, pointing me to their press release and Indiegogo campaign page. Every now and then I receive this kind of communications, and if the product is interesting enough, I usually have no problems writing a brief post about it on my site.

I haven’t tried the Uiee myself, but I believe that this portable — or rather, wearable — charger is worth your attention. From the Indiegogo page:

Uiee features an 800 mAh built-in battery for charging on-the-go. For devices like the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, this gives around 3 full hours of extra power to play, work, watch or listen. For many other devices it can provide even more than 3 full hours of charge.

The Uiee is small and lightweight. You can see from all the photos on the Indiegogo campaign page that it sports a very well thought-out design. You can easily carry the Uiee around in your pocket or even clip it on your clothes like an iPod shuffle. It’s available in three colours (red, blue, green) and is currently available in US and EU wall socket versions, and with a micro-USB tip or an Apple Lightning tip (slightly more expensive). It looks good, it has a small, unobtrusive footprint, it’s useful and affordable. My honest opinion is that this accessory deserves to have a successful campaign. If you preorder one, it’s going to cost you $40; afterwards the MSRP will be $50.


(Disclaimer: I haven’t received anything from the manufacturer, nor have I received any form of compensation to mention the product on my site. I decided to write about it simply after visiting the Indiegogo page and perusing the information included therein. The only bias I may have is my sympathy for the Irish, and Uiee is based in Dublin. But if you have a bit of design sensibility, you can easily see for yourself the great potential of this accessory.)

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