Prose — a new client for iOS


A few days ago, a new client for iOS debuted on the App Store: Prose, developed by Shawn Throop. Judging from the available screenshots, Prose’s UI looks nice and clean, and as soon as I’m back from my holidays and my access to the Internet isn’t limited as it is now, I intend to purchase it. I think developing a new client now is a bold move, considering the uncertain future of the platform, and if you’re on and love it like I do, you should support any fresh effort such as this.

For those who wonder why write an client now, Throop responds on Prose’s blog:

There are two important facts that allowed Prose to be finished: I have a stable “day job” and Prose is my first app. […] Prose is a passion project and regardless of sales, I have already profited from it: I know Objective-C, I know how to make an iOS app, and I am confident that my current knowledge will help me adapt as a developer (switching to Swift, for example).

I really like Shawn’s approach and I’ll soon add Prose to my iPhone’s folder.

Prose is $2.99/€2.69 on the App Store.

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