Alex Roddie is the first to review my serialised novel

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Last week, the excellent Alex Roddie wrote an article about my ongoing serialised novel Low Fidelity. You should read it, for a number of reasons. First, Alex proves to be a very good reader, the best reader any writer would want. The kind of perceptive reader who notices a lot of the things you, as a writer, want readers to notice. Secondly, after Alex’s review you’ll find a mini-interview with yours truly, which hopefully adds more details and information about the novel.

Here’s the link: Book review and interview: Low Fidelity by Riccardo Mori

Low Fidelity is currently available only on Vantage Point, my compact digital magazine in Apple’s Newsstand. I publish two issue per month. A monthly subscription costs $2.99. You can subscribe here (The first demo issue is free.)

In a nutshell, consider Vantage Point my idea of a ‘ membership’. It’s a way for you to support me, and what you get in return isn’t just a Thank You or an email newsletter, but a sort of tech and literary supplement, where you’ll find more articles and a new episode of my novel in every issue.

By the way, at the time of writing I’ve published eight issues of the magazine, which means eight episodes of Low Fidelity, plus a Prologue. The sooner you subscribe to the magazine, the better, so that you won’t have to binge-read the novel later. You’re free to do that, of course — I’m only suggesting what I think is the best way of approaching a serialised novel such as mine.

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My heartfelt thanks to Alex Roddie for writing the article and for his support. By the way, Alex is an experienced, published writer: explore his site to know more about him, his books and the services he offers. Like me, he’s also a vintage Mac enthusiast, and his tech blog is Macintosh HD (another place I strongly recommend you add to your bookmarks).

I also want to thank all the people who have subscribed so far and who have done their best to spread the word. It means a lot.

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