Apple Wireless Keyboard and Bluetooth profiles


I read with great interest Shibel K. Mansour’s review of the Logitech K480 keyboard. That keyboard was an option I seriously considered when I was looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to use mainly with my iPad for longer writing sessions. I remember finding the design attractive and sturdy enough. But the most interesting feature was the multi-device support and the ability to retain three different Bluetooth profiles to easily switch between devices.

But since I was looking for something lighter and less bulky (the Logitech K480 weighs 820 grams, which is roughly 200 grams less than an 11-inch MacBook Air), I ended up with the Incase Origami Workstation, which actually was the first accessory I had considered, since I already own an Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I’m really satisfied with the Origami Workstation. My Apple Wireless Keyboard is, by default, paired with the Power Mac G4 Cube (I bought a USB Bluetooth adapter long ago and use the Cube with the Wireless Keyboard and a wireless Mighty Mouse); at first I feared that, every time I wanted to grab the keyboard to use it with the iPad and the Origami Workstation, I would need to pair the keyboard with the iPad and then re-pair it with the Cube when I was done with the iPad. Not a big deal, but a tedious added step nonetheless.

It turns out that it’s not necessary. Perhaps it was well-known and I’m just stating the obvious, but in case you didn’t know this either, I found out that — after the initial pairing with the Mac and then with the iPad — the Apple Wireless Keyboard remembers the pairing with both devices. When I take it with me to use it with the iPad, I simply activate Bluetooth on the iPad, turn the keyboard on, press a key, and it’s connected. When I bring the keyboard back to the Cube, I just turn the keyboard on, press a key, and again it’s connected. Very handy.

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