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Rene Ritchie suggests expanding Siri’s capabilities so that you can ask things using text instead of voice in situations where you can’t talk to your phone or it’s simply frowned upon. He writes:

No matter how enabling and useful Siri is, though, there will be times when it’s simply not possible or socially acceptable to talk out loud to our phones or tablets. In those situations, being able to type “Cupertino weather” or even “Text Georgia I’ll be late” would be incredibly useful.

While I think it’s useful to be able to edit your voice requests (maybe Siri interpreted your command correctly save for a name, for instance), I don’t understand the practicality of the examples Rene makes. If you’re in a situation where you cannot or should not talk to Siri, and have to physically interact with your iPhone anyway, isn’t it just quicker to check the weather directly or text Georgia directly, rather than text to Siri? I’m not against the idea, per se, I’m sure it can be handy in certain circumstances and with more complex commands [1], but for simple things like texting someone, sending a tweet, setting an alarm or reminder (again, when you can’t use voice input with Siri), I find that it’s just faster to do that by accessing the relevant apps directly.


  • 1. For example: At 2:45 PM, text Georgia I’ll be on my way. ↩︎


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