iCloud: can you win if you don't play?


Interesting take on iCloud by Joshua Topolsky.

Topolsky writes:

When it comes to Apple, it feels to me like the company views the web as a technology which undermines rather than enriches its products. It wants you to talk to the cloud, but only through its portals and its gateways, in closed loops and private networks. Is it possible that for the company Apple has become — the lock-in PC-maker, the gatekeeper, the retailer — there’s still a little too much Wild West in the web? Is Apple’s failure with or aversion to web services a byproduct of the desire for complete control over its ecosystem and products? Or is the gang in Cupertino just not that good at the internet?

Maybe Apple sees the Web as yet another market it is not really interested to dive in. But that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice only because everybody else seems so hell-bent on putting the Web before everything. Remember those who thought that Apple should have entered the netbook market? The company, by now, has repeatedly demonstrated that it isn’t interested in following the herd, and that it’s most rewarding not to do so. Why should it be different as regards to the cloud?

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