Month: July 2015

→ The Web bloat


Maciej Cegłowski, in Web Design: The First 100 Years: A further symptom of our exponential hangover is bloat. As soon as a system shows signs of performance, developers will add enough abstraction to make it borderline unusable. Software forever remains at the limits of what people will put up with. Developers and designers together create overweight systems in hopes that the hardware will catch up in time and cover their mistakes. We complained for years […]

→ AdBlock and browser speed


Nick Heer writes: Interestingly, because of the way AdBlock is built and the number of iframes that are on popular websites, AdBlock often slows down browsers, though Filloux found otherwise. Apple’s new integrated content blocker doesn’t have this issue. But that’s something of an aside. I have installed AdBlock in Safari on my MacBook Pro and in TenFourFox on all my G4 PowerBooks and on my G4 Cube. In Safari I use AdBlock only on […]