Vantage Point magazine

I’m finally, officially launching my new project, Vantage Point magazine, a compact digital publication available on Apple’s Newsstand platform and produced by the great folks at Type Engine.


As you’ll read in the introduction on Issue 0 of Vantage Point (the free demo issue you get when you download the app), I wanted to create a sort of Supplement for this website. A publication that could offer new materials related to the subjects I usually talk about here on, and also be an extension of by providing articles about other topics I’m interested in but rarely mention here. I want this website to stay focussed on a few selected categories and subjects, and things like book reviews, music reviews, non-tech opinion pieces, articles about movies or television series, etc., would be a bit out of place on But not on a dedicated, compact digital Supplement like Vantage Point.

At the same time, I’d love to offer some degree of unpredictability, so that readers might wonder: what’s Rick going to talk about on this issue? I think it’s a good way to keep things interesting. I’m naturally curious, and Vantage Point is aimed at an audience of curious people.

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