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The new sharing interface in Unread 1.5

More flexible, I’m sure, but less homogeneous visually. Continue reading

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The Pause

Overloading — It doesn’t happens only to machines. Continue reading

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The new MacBook in person — First impressions

After trying out the new retina MacBook in person, I must say that I was weirded out more by the keyboard than the trackpad. Continue reading

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→ Not in a position to mock, really

PC makers can laugh at Apple’s new Retina MacBook all they want, but maybe they should focus on coming up with something really innovative before Apple. Continue reading

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Personal observations about the Apple Watch

Tim Cook has repeatedly said that the Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever made. This piece is called Personal observations because at this point, there’s no other approach that makes sense for me with this product. Continue reading

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