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“And that’s what we’re about”

Steve Jobs perfectly summarises what Apple is about at the end of his keynote at Macworld San Francisco in 2000. Continue reading

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‘It Just Works’ should be the next step

A nice ‘MacOS’ redesign by Andrew Ambrosino inspires my latest rambling about the future of OS X. Continue reading

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From standalone utility to service

Ever since Smile Software introduced their new service for TextExpander, and switched to a subscription model for pricing, it seems that everyone in tech had an opinion about it. Guess what — me too. Continue reading

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40 years of Apple: some personal moments

It’s been — and still is — a wonderful ride. Here are a few meaningful personal ‘moments’ involving Apple I have experienced over the years that I would like to share with you. Continue reading

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The Macs Apple was selling in 1996

Apple has always offered a lot of products. In 1996, its offerings were somewhat chaotic and unfocussed. Today their exuberant variety looks at least more purposeful. Continue reading

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