Pipe tobacco packaging — Part 1

Over time I’ve tried a lot of different tobaccos, blends and brands. I’ve kept many of the pouches and cans because some of them feature a really nice package design.

Four great illustrators


The excessive reliance on technological crutches

I don’t think this ‘save it somewhere and forget about it’ approach is being that beneficial to our minds.

Mavericks and display management — a headache

Since upgrading to Mavericks the overall display management has been erratic and unreliable for me.

Adding DuckDuckGo as a search service in Sleipnir


The need for new voices

We need more diverse debate. It’s infuriating that in the tech sphere most of the debate gravitates around a bunch of sites and pundits.

The Mac can’t do it all — really?

This is the kind of article about Apple that still manages to get on my nerves.

8 ridiculous gigabytes

I believe that today, having 8GB of storage on an iPhone is borderline useless.

Geek. Not chic.

If your wearable device is best defined by this tag line, you’re doing it wrong.

The difference between a pocket watch and a smartphone


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