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The Minigrooves Project and Volume 2

The second volume of my short stories is now available on the iBooks Store, together with a new edition of the first volume that originally debuted in 2013. Continue reading

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Primary OS and unfair comparisons

There’s no need to put the Mac in a bad light to show how great it is to go iOS-only. Continue reading

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After the WWDC 2016 keynote — A few thoughts

Apple’s building a strong, coherent ecosystem. Continue reading

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A few initial thoughts on the new subscription model for apps

An interesting option, but I hope it won’t be adopted indiscriminately. Continue reading

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Let me dream of a MacBook Pro SE

The ‘Special Edition’ MacBook Pro I’m dreaming about isn’t something technically unfeasible; it simply goes in a direction Apple doesn’t seem interested in keeping anymore. Continue reading

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