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Bookmark management: An idea for a centralised solution

Something I’d love to see on OS X and iOS. Continue reading

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The Mac is just as compelling

iOS or Mac OS X? You don’t have to pick one at all costs. Continue reading

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Control Centre is fine

I had planned to write about The Case Against Control Center by Stephen Hackett, expressing my complete disagreement with it. I refreshed my feeds a moment ago and noticed that John Gruber has beaten me to it, saying essentially what… Continue reading

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Kind of sherlocked

A brief rant on Apple’s ‘innovative’ Night Shift feature in the upcoming iOS 9.3 update. Continue reading

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More on iOS 9 and older devices

Apple favoured support and compatibility over user experience, and decided to extend the life of the iPhone 4S and similar devices anyway, when a more reasonable approach would have been to stop support at iOS 8.4. Continue reading

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