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Apple, mistakes, quality, innovation, etc.

Some more meandering observations about the perceived decline of Apple’s software quality, loss of focus, and more. Continue reading

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Primary OS and unfair comparisons

There’s no need to put the Mac in a bad light to show how great it is to go iOS-only. Continue reading

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After the WWDC 2016 keynote — A few thoughts

Apple’s building a strong, coherent ecosystem. Continue reading

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A few initial thoughts on the new subscription model for apps

An interesting option, but I hope it won’t be adopted indiscriminately. Continue reading

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→ Accessing Siri through text

Rene Ritchie suggests expanding Siri’s capabilities so that you can ask things using text instead of voice in situations where you can’t talk to your phone or it’s simply frowned upon. He writes: No matter how enabling and useful Siri… Continue reading

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