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→ Accessing Siri through text

Rene Ritchie suggests expanding Siri’s capabilities so that you can ask things using text instead of voice in situations where you can’t talk to your phone or it’s simply frowned upon. He writes: No matter how enabling and useful Siri… Continue reading

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Different expectations

An acquaintance writes me to talk about his failed attempt to leave his computer behind and go iPad-only, and related observations. Continue reading

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‘It Just Works’ should be the next step

A nice ‘MacOS’ redesign by Andrew Ambrosino inspires my latest rambling about the future of OS X. Continue reading

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From standalone utility to service

Ever since Smile Software introduced their new service for TextExpander, and switched to a subscription model for pricing, it seems that everyone in tech had an opinion about it. Guess what — me too. Continue reading

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f.lux, Night Shift, and sleeping better

The science behind tools like f.lux or Night Shift may not be definitive, but I’m certainly sleeping better than before. Continue reading

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