The excessive reliance on technological crutches

I don’t think this ‘save it somewhere and forget about it’ approach is being that beneficial to our minds.

8 ridiculous gigabytes

I believe that today, having 8GB of storage on an iPhone is borderline useless.

My trick to deal with the redesigned Shift key in iOS 7.1


iOS 7.1 and the iPhone 4 performance

Yes, there are performance improvements. No, the iPhone 4 was not “unusable” before.

Lukas Mathis on the iPad for content creation

Mathis switches from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface and offers a comprehensive account of his experience. About the iPad as a device for content creation, however, I have a slightly different perspective.

Google detoxing: DuckDuckGo as main search engine

Moving away from Google one step at a time, I’ve started by relying on another engine for my Web searches.

Why the WordPress iOS app is useless to me


Unread: the brief review

Thanks to this great app, I’m back to reading and enjoying RSS feeds on my iPhone



My essential iOS apps — Part 3

This is a brief addendum, in which I feature a few special mentions.

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