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→ The Web bloat

Maciej Cegłowski, in Web Design: The First 100 Years: A further symptom of our exponential hangover is bloat. As soon as a system shows signs of performance, developers will add enough abstraction to make it borderline unusable. Software forever remains… Continue reading

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I’m not “Anti-Apple”

You used to be more positive and supportive of Apple and its products. What happened to you? — a reader writes me. The question is more What happened to Apple? Continue reading

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My only WWDC 2015 wish: a truly better OS X

The WWDC is about to begin. My hope is that OS X 10.11 is going to feel less ‘beta’ than Yosemite. Continue reading

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The new MacBook in person — First impressions

After trying out the new retina MacBook in person, I must say that I was weirded out more by the keyboard than the trackpad. Continue reading

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Why I’m sticking with the old Flickr Uploadr

The new beta Flickr Uploadr is a disappointingly reimagined and dumbed down take on the previous version. Continue reading

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