Mavericks and display management — a headache

Since upgrading to Mavericks the overall display management has been erratic and unreliable for me.

Adding DuckDuckGo as a search service in Sleipnir


Google detoxing: DuckDuckGo as main search engine

Moving away from Google one step at a time, I’ve started by relying on another engine for my Web searches.

Power button behaviour


Forcing favicon reload in ReadKit


Drop support, but leave old versions around

Brent Simmons suggests that developers drop support for older OS releases as a way to optimise resources and keep making quality apps. I have another suggestion to add.

Permutation Racer


Things I learnt while restoring my Mac/PC wireless home network

An AirPort Express base station in my home network started acting up and I went down a wireless rabbit hole.

A selection of favourite Mac apps

Here’s an overview of some essential apps I’ve been relying upon. Most are tried-and-trusted apps I’ve used for years, but there are new entries as well.

The little iWork ’13 mystery solved

Having received iWork ’09 in bundle with my then-new MacBook Pro back in 2009, I wasn’t sure of my eligibility for a free iWork ’13 update. The Mac App Store app suggested I wasn’t. It was a little bug, instead.

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