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Mail’s hegemony

It is extremely unlikely that I’ll change my main email client on the Mac — Mail.app. Here are some thoughts and observations related to Mail, and email in general. Continue reading

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The system’s babysitters?

More and more often I’m wondering “Do we have to proceed like we used to do in previous decades, always babysitting systems and machines — the same systems that are supposed to make our lives easier?” Continue reading

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Wi-Fi degradation after Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In recent years, from Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on, the overall Wi-Fi performance of my MacBook Pro has worsened noticeably. I don’t know the exact reason, but I’m inclined to believe the culprit is OS X, not the hardware or my home Wi-Fi network. Continue reading

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iCloud Drive: not yet

  Continue reading

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Legibility over aesthetics

If Yosemite’s system font is clearer to read on Retina displays than non-Retina displays, that in itself is enough to demonstrate how a step back it is from Lucida Grande. Continue reading

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