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Why I’m sticking with the old Flickr Uploadr

The new beta Flickr Uploadr is a disappointingly reimagined and dumbed down take on the previous version. Continue reading

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iPad, text editors, workflows, and a frustrated digression on simplicity

After reading a great article by Federico Viticci on using the iPad as sole computer, my mind went down a rabbit hole of thoughts and reflections. Here’s the meandering result. Continue reading

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Phone Expander

A great app that helps you free up some space on your iOS device. Continue reading

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The perceived decline in Apple’s software quality

About this perceived decline in the quality of Apple’s software — I don’t think that it’s because the software has more issues than in the past, but because of the nature of the issues. Continue reading

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Mail’s hegemony

It is extremely unlikely that I’ll change my main email client on the Mac — Mail.app. Here are some thoughts and observations related to Mail, and email in general. Continue reading

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