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Casual Podcast #14 — Note supplementari

Federico Travaini e Diego Petrucci sono stati così gentili da invitarmi nuovamente nel loro Casual Podcast. Aggiungo qui qualche osservazione in più agli argomenti trattati. Continue reading

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Jason Brennan: Who Wants a Stylus?

Great article by Jason Brennan, reflecting on how overlooked the stylus is as interaction tool and input device, with insightful contributions from various developers. Continue reading

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Casual Podcast #3 — Addenda

Recentemente sono stato ospite della terza puntata di Casual Podcast. Ecco alcune note sparse in aggiunta alla bella chiacchierata con Travaini e Petrucci. Continue reading

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Why Newton

I still get asked from time to time why I keep using my Newton MessagePads even though I often carry around both my iPhone and iPad. Here’s why. Continue reading

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A hands-on assessment of Apple’s Newton MessagePad

Harry McCracken has written an interesting Newton retrospective. I don’t agree with it fully, but it’s one of the most informed and well-written pieces on the Newton to appear recently, and definitely worth a read. Continue reading

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