• System Folder A weblog dedicated to vintage Macs and the classic Mac OS.
  • The Quillink annotated — A natural extension of this site. Its description says it all: “Morrick’s modern commonplace book. Quick notes, interesting bits, annotated leaves, sundry things found and picked up”. I try to update it on a daily basis.
  • Crosslines — From the What is Crosslines page: “Since March 2013, Crosslines has become a part of Low Fidelity — another literary project I first conceived in late 1995 and did not update much after 1999. As work on Low Fidelity has resumed after a significant creative drought, Crosslines is now an online place which serves as introduction and ‘further reading’ of the world presented in the novel. It’s a sort of Chapter Zero, but since it cannot be described as being either a prologue or epilogue, I decided to use the term exologue, meaning ‘outside the narration’.”

  • NeoglossaryA fun side-project. I like word games and every now and then I create new words. But Neoglossary is also open to contributions, and showcases some linguistic inventions used in certain Apple copywriting.
  • Type Happens — A photoblog on found type.


  • The Quillink Observer – My previous weblog, in English & Italian. Now all its contents have been imported in this site.

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