The services I provide are related to the written word and to Apple computers & devices:


Translation services

I mainly translate from English into Italian and from Italian into English, but I’m also available for translations from and into Spanish.

As mentioned in the profile, I’m specialised in translating technical texts: computer manuals, security documentation, programming languages, software applications, etc. However over the years I’ve carried out translation works in the most varied fields — from articles in magazines for professionals of the clothing and textile industry, to translating and editing manuals and documentation related to scuba diving; from books on photography to studies on sustainability and alternative energy sources. Not to mention my liberal arts education, which gave me the opportunity to translate poems and literary texts.

In addition, I’m available for translation of Web sites and expert advice and review on translations done by others.

I think that versatility is quite important in my job, and I’m not scared of facing new contexts and fields, with their own specific jargon. I love the challenge, and I am constantly driven by curiosity and the desire to learn.

Why choosing a professional translator is important

  • A translator is not simply somebody who knows and is able to master more than one language, but a figure with a particular sensibility and insight that allows for 1) a thorough understanding and contextualisation of the contents to translate, and 2) a good rendition of the message from the source language to the destination language, always keeping in mind the cultural differences and nuances necessary to communicate that message as faithfully as possible. In this sense, a translator must know how to read and how to write — that is, how to interpret and transmit with competence.
  • A professional translator and expert offers quality work that benefits the client and helps to provide a solid and professional image. Relying on services offered by amateur or improvised translators may seem beneficial economically and may appear as an effective immediate solution, but a sloppy translation doesn’t go unnoticed by a native speaker of that language, and ends up damaging the client’s image. If it is essential to provide materials in multiple languages, the choice of a professional may appear more expensive in the early stages, but will prove a good and convenient choice in the medium-to-long term.
  • A translator helps clients expand their audience: multilanguage versions of texts, websites and localized applications can thus reach a broader, international audience, which is always an advantage.
  • The independence of a freelance translator does not prevent the creation of a continuing relationship between client and translator, especially in cases where you need to follow a project over time and the content needs to be constantly updated. From this point of view a professional translator can ensure, in addition to quality, uniformity of translations over time.
  • Since it is their job, not a hobby, and their reputation is always at stake, the main interest of professional translators is to always provide the best possible work, thus achieving client satisfaction.

About costs and fees

Given the extreme variety of works I’ve done and do, it is always difficult to quantify and provide precise tariffs. I always need to discuss in detail the work with the client beforehand and calculate costs according to the complexity of the work (especially in the case of proposed translations in fields unfamiliar to me) and the priority requested by the client.

Emergencies must be paid. Being a freelancer and working in my home office does not mean that I am available 24/7. If the urgency is such as to require my attention at unusual times and on weekends, it seems fair to demand a premium.

Anyway, for reference’s sake, a base fee starts at 15 Euros per page, a page being 30 lines of text, 60 characters per line — or 1,800 characters including spaces. This refers to documentation of a certain length. The translation of a single article is valued differently, and generally the starting fee is 30 Euros. For further information and clarifications, please contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of the page.



Technical writing

In addition to translating, over the years I’ve also written hardware and software reviews, and co-written computer books and guides, on the Mac in particular. I’m therefore available for technical writing assignments of this kind.



Mac consulting

I have known the Macintosh platform for over twenty years, and computers in general for even longer. If you wish to contact me for work proposals, collaborations, expert advice, please write me an email at the address found at the bottom of the page.

I try to be a good correspondent and answer in a reasonable time, but having a continuously variable workload, I cannot always guarantee a prompt response. Occasionally I receive requests for technical assistance (for issues related to the Mac or for some translation review or advice): that’s fine when it’s for matters coming to a quick resolution. If the problem is complex and you need further assistance from me, let’s talk about it and treat it as a proper consulting gig — because my time, like yours, is valuable.