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→ Accessing Siri through text


Rene Ritchie suggests expanding Siri’s capabilities so that you can ask things using text instead of voice in situations where you can’t talk to your phone or it’s simply frowned upon. He writes: No matter how enabling and useful Siri is, though, there will be times when it’s simply not possible or socially acceptable to talk out loud to our phones or tablets. In those situations, being able to type “Cupertino weather” or even “Text […]

Control Centre is fine


I had planned to write about The Case Against Control Center by Stephen Hackett, expressing my complete disagreement with it. I refreshed my feeds a moment ago and noticed that John Gruber has beaten me to it, saying essentially what I was about to say. I’ll just add that this is a textbook case of modern tech blogger’s tunnel vision. The gist of Hackett’s piece seems to be: “Apple should adjust/rethink Control Centre’s UI to […]