The Mac can’t do it all — really?

This is the kind of article about Apple that still manages to get on my nerves.

Lukas Mathis on the iPad for content creation

Mathis switches from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface and offers a comprehensive account of his experience. About the iPad as a device for content creation, however, I have a slightly different perspective.

Drop support, but leave old versions around

Brent Simmons suggests that developers drop support for older OS releases as a way to optimise resources and keep making quality apps. I have another suggestion to add.

Jason Brennan: Who Wants a Stylus?

Great article by Jason Brennan, reflecting on how overlooked the stylus is as interaction tool and input device, with insightful contributions from various developers.

“Are operations like Flipboard scams against publishers?”

Talking Points Memo has decided to pull its contents from aggregators like Flipboard, but I don’t understand why point the finger at Flipboard in particular.


In a sense, feedback is a bit like a currency in today’s online world. And just like currency, its value changes according to where you go.

There is nothing wrong with the page

In which I share a couple of observations after reading Tail Wagging, a great piece by Matt Gemmell.

Visitor statistics

I, too, have stopped obsessing over numbers and statistics over time. It’s good for one’s self-esteem.

Slow the hell down

I wholeheartedly agree with everything Joe Cieplinski says in this article, which is truly a must-read.

No technopanic here, just understandable concern

Jeff Jarvis has a point: some fears about Google Glass are premature and excessive, but the impact the device can have on interpersonal dynamics is a delicate issue that shouldn’t be underestimated either.

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