BBEdit 10 is out


Bare Bones Software just announced the release of BBEdit 10:

The highlights:

  1. New pricing ($49.99, with a special introductory price of $39.99 for new licenses until October 20, 2011);
  2. Project and document window changes;
  3. Preferences and setup improvements (Bare Bones: The Preferences window has been completely rewritten and reimagined. Many obsolete preferences, as well as settings never used in daily operation, have been removed from the GUI in the interests of reducing complexity. Thanks for that, guys);
  4. Reinvented and enhanced HTML markup tools;
  5. Dropbox support (this is really great, at least for how I use BBEdit across my Macs);
  6. Switchable syntax coloring schemes (this will make coders happy);
  7. Packages (quote: A Package is a collection of the sort of things you’d place into ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/ to extend BBEdit, such as clippings, scripts, language modules, and text filters; but makes it easier to install such items when they are all related to a single type of task, rather than having to manually install and manage items spread out between different folders.);
  8. Search, replace, and edit in Zip archives (oh yes!).

In a nutshell: You really don’t have any excuses not to purchase it now.

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  1. Gianluca says

    …And an interface only a mother could love

    • Riccardo Mori says

      Gianluca: That’s harsh. BBEdit is, above all, aimed at efficiency and is the most powerful and versatile text editor for the Mac. I’ve been using it since version 3 and it’s an irreplaceable tool. Today an increasing number of applications are getting too ‘eye-candy’ for me. Thank goodness it’s not the case with BBEdit.

  2. Gianluca says

    By the way, I’m giving it a try. I’m searching something to replace TextMate that’s been dead in the water for some time now. BBEdit seems a little overkill for me, but I really don’t like Text Wrangler

  3. @Gianluca: unfortunately a bunch of interesting project have come to stop, transformed into commercial “things”, or have a painfully slow development (here I’m referring to promising

    So TextWrangler has always be a ‘stable’ and reliable tool for me.
    Also, in the past, I never understood how a text editor could cost 1.5 times more than the host operating system.

    With Lion this is still true, but for 40€ the buying could be done…

  4. Gianluca says

    @kOoLiNuS: I have tried Kod but it’s not mature for me. I am observing its development though. My web workflow involves Coda and CSSEdit, but I often need a more specialised tool, and here comes the need for BBedit, since I tried almost everything on the scene with the exception of terminal applications. And yes, 40$ is really a good price for this horse!

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