Perhaps you already know about this site, but I think it’s worth mentioning nevertheless. If you want to take a look at your Instagram feed, and maybe favourite a few shots from the people you follow or leave a comment, without leaving the comfort of the big screen of your laptop or desktop computer, you can point your browser to Inkstagram. You authenticate to the site using your Instagram account credential and voilà, here you have this elegant and functional interface. You can even turn it into a standalone application by using tools like Fluid or, if you’re already on Mac OS X Lion, Automator (as Andy Ihnatko explains).

Update 2012 — Roughly at the end of 2011, Inkstagram changed name (nothing else), so you’ll find the service at the new domain Ink361.

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  3. Hi Ricardo,

    Thx om behalf of the Inkstagram team for reviewing Inkstagram. Great you highlight the option of the stand alone application.

    What do you think is the biggest challenge at the moment for Web apps that bring the Instagram feed to the browser?

    What aspect of the browser version is most important/ valuable to you?

    Thx in advance for sharing.


    • Riccardo Mori says

      Hi, Carel, and apologies for the late reply. I think that Instagram, in general, brings a rather unique experience, in a way that is beneficial to both the native app for iPhone and Web apps bringing the Instagram feed to the browser (and to the computer). On one hand, we have the native iOS app: with it, it’s easy to take & share snaps, and to like other people’s snaps in your recent feed. These are its strongest points. However, browsing your feed — especially if you follow a lot of people — can become impractical, also due to the limits imposed by screen real estate and user interface (when two days have passed without checking your Instagram feed, you soon get tired of flicking your finger). On the other hand, there are Web apps like Inkstagram (my favourite) whose strongest point is exactly what’s a bit lacking on Instagram on the iPhone: browsing. When I use Inkstagram I can easily browse everywhere: in the past in my feed, through photostreams of other users, and so on, and it’s also easier (for me, at least) to discover new people to follow.

      That’s the beauty of it: Web apps like Inkstagram don’t even need to try working as a substitute for the native iOS Instagram app — they easily complement it. As a rather active Instagram user, I can say that the combination of the two makes for a perfect experience as a whole.

      Thanks for your comment, and keep up the good work!

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