Run new media center software on your first generation Apple TV


Source: How-to: run new media center software on your original Apple TV

Jacqui Cheng:

I recently ran into my first-generation Apple TV during a spelunking expedition into the depths of my home office closet. After upgrading to a second-gen Apple TV last year, I had actually forgotten the old one was in there. The rediscovery piqued my curiosity. Though I have long avoided performing jailbreaks on my Apple products, the old Apple TV gave me a chance to find out what else I could watch on this thing besides iTunes content.

You can actually watch all manner of other content on an old Apple TV if you’re willing to tinker. The two most popular software interfaces are a version of Boxee and a version of XBMC, both designed for the original Apple TV. Here, I offer you a chronicle of my own experiences setting up these both solutions, and show you how to do the same.

The whole procedure isn’t terribly difficult. As always with this kind of hacks, however, proceed with caution and follow the instructions to the letter.

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