Another World, twenty years after


AnotherWorld 640

Shall we call it serendipity? The other day I was going through my 3.5″ floppies looking for some documents, and came across a blue floppy with just a small label and the words Another World on it, in a handwriting that was not mine. It took me a few moments before I remembered: that floppy was part of a bunch of disks a friend gave me when he sold his PC back in 1993 to get into the world of SGI workstations. At that point everything was coming back to me, images and scenes of this fascinating game that was really ahead of its time in terms of atmosphere, narrative, execution.

Perhaps the name isn’t telling you much, but if you visit the game’s official site you’ll probably recognise it (it was also called Out of this world).

The great news is that Another World has been ported to iOS, oh yes. It’s aptly called Another World — 20th Anniversary and it’s available in the App Store for $4.99 / €3.99. (Note that you must have a Game Center account to play it.)

As a reviewer says, This is more than a game. It’s a piece of history.


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