How Jeffrey Aaronson met Steve Jobs


When Jeffrey opens the box, he finds a brand new Apple Macintosh 128K computer along with a keyboard and a new thing called a mouse. He also finds a hand-written note from Steve Jobs. It simply says,

Be a part of the future — Steve.”

At that moment Jeffrey knows he has just opened up more than a computer box; he has opened up his entire world–a world in which anything is possible. Not because of the machine per se, but because of the impact the machine’s creator has had on him. The computer is merely a symbol of all that is possible when a brilliant imagination is supported by hard work and fearlessness.

A wonderful story, beautifully written, in a two-part post. (Link to Part 1 | Link to Part 2). You don’t want to miss the photos, either. Most of them I hadn’t seen before.

(Via Glenn Fleishman)

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