Et Cetera

Every new project I’ve attempted these past years has always required a bit of explanation: what’s behind the idea, what I want to achieve with it, how people should approach it, and so on and so forth. This time, it’s as self-explanatory as it gets. Minigrooves are portable words, which, like songs, you can carry with you everywhere. They’re miniatures you can read when you have five minutes, when you are between things, places, times.

Last summer I was admiring the work of a graphic designer and illustrator. It doesn’t matter who he is. What matters is that I started thinking: See? I’m looking at six illustrations by a guy I’ve never heard before, but thanks to these six pieces I can immediately see his talent, his style, maybe even what inspired him. Same thing with a musician: I listen to a three-minute song and I have an immediate impression; if it’s good stuff I’m hooked and want to have more of it. My art is writing: how could I do something similar?

And then it hit me: I could offer miniature stories. Minigrooves.

The project starts today. I will publish a new Minigroove every Monday and Thursday. This will hopefully give you fresh words often enough, and more importantly it will challenge my creativity and force me to write more, more often. Minigrooves has also a Twitter account.

Let’s see how it goes, and thank you for reading. Spread the word, will you?

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