Kirby Panel 0.6


Bastian Allgeier, Kirby’s developer, writes:

It’s been a while since the first Kirby Panel Alpha has been released and I’m very happy about all the help and positive feedback. Today I’m releasing the next alpha version. There are still a few missing features for 1.0, but I feel the beta is getting closer.

Please understand that not all suggestions from testers are in this next release. You guys had a bunch of awesome ideas, but the entire process of testing and coming up with the first version of the panel is taking longer than expected and I try to get it done finally.

Kirby is a file-based CMS, which means that it doesn’t rely on a database. Content is managed through a simple files/folders structure, you create posts by using your favourite text editor, backups are a breeze, and the whole installation process and general interface are very simple and user-friendly. Kirby has very modest requirements, server-side; it only costs €30 per website (no monthly fees); and comes with a bunch of free extensions. Kirby’s source is available as a free trial on Github.

I really like Kirby, and I’m glad to have helped Bastian by providing the Spanish and Italian localisation for the admin panel.

If you’re setting up a new personal site on a domain you own, and prefer a simpler approach than WordPress or other similar blogging platforms, you might consider giving Kirby a try.

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