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The Internet Archive is an incredible, invaluable resource. As Jason Scott rightly says:

The Internet Archive is a non-profit (that, I disclose, I work for as a “free-range archivist”) that has, since the mid-90s, provided many petabytes and millions of items for free, to the world, to better the world along the way. Movies, radio, books, TV news, software, you name it… the Internet Archive has it, and continues to make it go for everyone. Every day, every night, with an eye on “forever” as a goal, and not just “until we try to sell you an upgrade” or “until we’re bought by someone else”. It’s a library and an archive and it just kicks ass.

I’ve been using the Internet Archive mainly to discover and read huge amounts of stuff I either didn’t know existed, or didn’t even imagine to find again. The WayBack Machine alone has helped me to retrieve useful resources (images, articles) from websites that have been updated, changed or deleted/abandoned over time. And I guess you did the same.

Now the Internet Archive needs our help:

A generous supporter has offered to match every dollar we raise 3-to-1 through December 31st. We are trying to raise $150,000 in donations by the end of the year — with the match, that will give us $600,000, enough to buy 4 more petabytes of storage.

Help us keep the library free for millions of people by making a tax-deductible donation today.

It’s only fair to give a contribution also as a way of saying Thank You. You can donate through Amazon, PayPal, or use the Internet Archive’s Bitcoin Address.

I’ve set up a little reminder on the footer of my website, and I’ll leave it there until the end of the year. Now go donate!

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