Alex Roddie reviews the first volume of my short stories, Minigrooves

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After reviewing Low Fidelity, the serialised science fiction novel I publish on Vantage Point magazine, Alex Roddie expressed further interest in my writing by reading and reviewing Volume 1 of Minigrooves, my short stories. The result was Book review and interview: Minigrooves by Riccardo Mori.

I really enjoyed Alex’s review. Maybe it’s because he’s a writer himself, and this makes him also a particularly perceptive reader, I don’t know, but this bit did strike a chord with me:

There’s a sense that the precise language was very carefully selected, and I loved how the word choice and the story often depended on each other to create a specific effect. It sits on the edge of poetry.

Why? Because if you consider that English is not my first language, receiving such praise from someone who not only is a native speaker, but also a writer and editor, is extremely encouraging. It means that all those years spent building and refining my writing and my language skills haven’t been wasted in the end.

It’s also encouraging given the considerable lack of feedback I’ve received for my more creative endeavours, Minigrooves in particular. If you’ve purchased the book, and have read at least a few stories, please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you think other people would like Minigrooves, please spread the word. With all the communication tools and social networks at our disposal, it’s not that much of an effort, really, and it could make a difference in ways you can’t imagine. If you’re willing to write a review of my stories, get in touch, I may provide you with a PDF of the book. I’m trying to make a living with my writing, and it’s impossibly hard. Any support you can give is hugely appreciated. Thank you!

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