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I arrived to this article on BGR via John Gruber. I love how, talking about the Asus ZenBook UX305 the author writes: … there really is no denying that Asus’s ultrabook is one sexy machine.

You know why? The ZenBook UX305 is basically a black (or white) version of Apple’s MacBook Air.

ASUS UX 305 Wide


MacBook Air 2256


ASUS Zenbook UX305


Design hero




MacBook Air Gallery2 2256


Ux305 3


Apple MacBook Air 13 inch 2013


Even the ZenBook’s feet are similar to those usually found under MacBooks:

2584515 tinhte zenbook ux 305 3 1410187884131


And Asus’s ZenBook UX305 page (if you manage to navigate it correctly, I had to scroll using the arrow keys, it was too fast using the Magic Mouse or my MacBook Pro’s trackpad) has indeed a very Apple-esque way of presenting the ultrabook.

PC makers can mock Apple all they want, but design-wise I still haven’t seen anything truly original or innovative coming from them first.

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