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Writer. Translator. Mac consultant. Enthusiast photographer. • If you like what I write, please consider supporting my writing by purchasing the Minigrooves ebook and/or subscribing to Vantage Point magazine. Thank you!

→ Kill the wireless contract

Joanna Stern explains that getting rid of carrier contracts for us customers isn’t bad at all, and can be rather advantageous in the medium-long term. And my experience corroborates that. Continue reading

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→ Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft

Dan Gillmor explains why he has (almost) stopped using Apple, Google, and Microsoft tools. I applaud the intention, but I find his stance on Apple unconvincing. Continue reading

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Lucas Bale has interviewed me about Low Fidelity and my writing

Lucas’s questions have given me the opportunity to talk at length about my writing and how I work. Continue reading

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Designing the Moment Case

The design process behind a very nice, upcoming iPhone accessory. Continue reading

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Why I’m sticking with the old Flickr Uploadr

The new beta Flickr Uploadr is a disappointingly reimagined and dumbed down take on the previous version. Continue reading

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