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Welcome to, and thank you for stopping here. I am a writer, freelance translator and Mac consultant. My main interests are literature, art, photography, typography, Macintosh computers, Newton PDAs, vintage technology, design, user interfaces and usability. These are also the topics you will read about here, for the most part. But this place is always open to whatever falls into the category of interestingness.

You should be able to easily explore the site and find your way around, but here are some pointers anyway.

First of all, to find out more about me and what I do, you can follow the various menus and submenus on the top row of every page. To have a quick overview of what I’m currently working on, just go to my Office. Personal projects are outlined — you guessed right — in the Projects page (Start here > Projects). Among these, of particular interest are System Folder and Minigrooves; check the Projects page for more information.

Articles are divided into six main categories:

  1. Under Tech Life you’ll find articles on technology in general and on the Mac/iOS platforms in particular. I have a love-hate relationship with technology, my approach being somewhat a mixture of enthusiasm and wariness, especially towards all the things that are forced before our face and we should accept unconditionally as ‘progress’. I believe in a more critical attitude and perspective, and this is consequently reflected in how I write about this ‘tech life’ we live today.
  2. Software is quite self-explanatory. Here you will find software mentions, reviews, and articles revolving around certain applications and how they can make our life easier and better.
  3. Et Cetera is a container for articles and writings about other subjects I may occasionally cover, like creative writing, translation, design, usability, or even thoughts and musings of a more personal nature.
  4. In Handpicked I post links to other articles I find particularly interesting and thought-provoking. Much like John Gruber’s Linked List, anything I link to may be accompanied by a personal remark or reaction.
  5. Mele e appunti is the Italian section of the site, a sort of ‘blog within a blog’. Since it’s rather hard to have a full bilingual website using WordPress, I had to resort to this solution for the Italian audience. If you subscribe to the All posts RSS feed, you may encounter articles written in Italian every now and then. If this annoys you, you can have a sequential view of just the updates in English by clicking the English tag at the end of any article written in English. You’ll get a listing like this.
  6. In Briefly I typically publish short pieces and observations, sometimes in reaction to some article I’ve read over breakfast, or to provide a brief commentary to a particular topic du jour, without necessarily having to write an essay about it.

The front page shows only the most recent articles. To browse older articles, simply click on Previous Posts at the bottom or go to the Archives page, where you can also browse by category or tag.


Colophon is written by Riccardo Mori.

This site has been operative since July 2011, but incorporates all materials (in English and Italian) published on previous blogs in the years 2005–2011.

Articles are usually written in MarsEdit on Macs of different vintages. Images are edited using mainly Acorn and sometimes Graphic Converter. Screenshots are annotated with Annotate (née Glui). CSS code is occasionally tweaked using BBEdit. My FTP client of choice is Transmit. Notes and ideas are stored in Notational Velocity.

When I happen to be using an iOS device to write an article, the application of choice is iA Writer.

The site is powered by WordPress. The theme, as of October 2017, is Cocoa by Elmastudio.

Stats are tracked with the built-in tools provided by WordPress. Apart from the promotion of my fiction, the site is completely free of advertising and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. If you like what I write, if you found something useful in the archives, and if you want to help me cover the annual costs of this place, please consider making a donation or purchasing my books of short stories, Minigrooves.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay.