Beelog: a new Tumblr client


Source: Beelog: a new Tumblr app for Mac | Wind on a Leaf

David Chartier has found (and now tried) an interesting Tumblr client on the Mac App Store. His impressions:

I just took it for a whirl and, so far, really like it. The reading experience isn’t quite as seamless as just scrolling the Dashboard at, but there are lots of handy features and clever interface choices for both sides of Tumblr: reading and posting. It has a menu bar item that can automatically refresh your Dashboard and display an unread count, and a healthy dose of preferences let you do everything from pick a default post type and state (publish now or add to queue) to change the default font for reading posts. So far, I’m even more confident Beelog is well worth its price.

By examining the screenshots, Beelog’s UI is heavily inspired by Tweetie/Twitter and Sparrow for the sidebar, and Reeder for the merged title bar/toolbar. Which means I like it. I’ll very likely purchase it myself and if I do, I’ll share my thoughts here. For 10 dollars (or 7.99 Euros), it can be a painless impulse purchase…

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