Eyedrop.me for iPhone



Yesterday I was browsing Dribbble and noticed the above image among the Popular postings. I soon discovered this new iOS app for iPhone, which you’ll find quite useful if you develop for the Web or if, like me, you’d like to easily obtain the colour palette of any given website or photo you take with your device.

To quote from designer Kerem Suer’s Dribble post:

What it does:
✓ Pulls colors from any website’s stylesheet
✓ Pulls colors from images
✓ Lets you edit RGB values and save
✓ Lets you send swatches to your Photoshop with a single tap
✓ Lets you send swatches to your friends via email as ASE attachments
✓ Keeps history of websites and images you eyedropped
✓ Pleases your eyes with a mix of skeuomorphic and simplistic design elements
✓ Has a hidden feature you’re going to have to find

What’s next:
❏ Visual enhancements
❏ Features you request from me and Nicholas

The app is free, lightweight, elegantly designed. I think it’s nice and handy to have such a useful tool on the iPhone. It’s like having a dedicated note-taking app for colours. Download it from the App Store and spread the word.

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